We offer two liner options for woven wood shades: the standard liner and the operable liner. The standard liner operates along with the woven wood shade. The operable liner is a custom upgrade and allows for the liner to be operated independently of the woven wood shade. This allows for some view-through to the outside on the bottom of the shade. It is not intended for use as a stand-alone shade or as an independent shade. Liners are white to the outside and resemble a roman shade when raised.

Privacy Liner

For additional privacy at night a liner upgrade is recommended. "Light Filtering" liners filter daylight and prevent view-through.

Room Darkening Liner

Room Darkening liners provide increased light blockage. All liners are white to the outside.

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Lining Fabrics

Light Filtering Liners

  • image White Operable Light Filtering
  • image Ivory Operable Light Filtering
  • image White Standard Light Filtering
  • image Ivory Standard Light Filtering

Room Darkening Liners

  • image White Operable Room Darkening
  • image Ivory Operable Room Darkening
  • image Beige Operable Room Darkening
  • image Black Operable Room Darkening
  • image White Standard Room Darkening
  • image Ivory Standard Room Darkening
  • image Beige Standard Room Darkening
  • image Black Standard Room Darkening