Automated Motorized Shades proudly manufactures 100% of our products in the USA. With two state of the art manufacturing plants, our corporate headquarters in South Florida and our west coast plant in southern California, Automated Motorized Shades offers fast, reliable service to all of our dealers in the window covering industry. Our worldwide dealer network is comprised of industry leaders, including top designers, world class installers, and highly respected decorators. Our products and services are sold throughout the world and our employees are passionate about delivering the very best motorized or manual window treatments available.

At Automated Motorized Shades, we attribute our success to our dealers. We take pride in the strong partnerships that we have established over the years and we look forward to continuing these relationships for many years to come .If you are interested in becoming a preferred dealer with Automated Motorized Shades, please contact us to set up an account, and discover the advantages of partnering with Automated Motorized Shades today.

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