Cable Guide

Cable Guide

The durable exterior Cable Guide System is ideal for exterior applications.
This heavy-duty system is made to withstand moisture and temperature fluctuation while keeping your customers comfortable.
Made of stainless steel, guide wires are connected to the upper bracket and ground to stabilize the shade and prevent damage from outdoor weather conditions. This system preserves your outdoor view while allowing you to maximize heat gain reduction and control sunlight.
Outdoor roller shades are a stylish addition to any patio, veranda, sun-room or courtyard, and can be rolled up when not in use.

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This is a cost-effective exterior shade solution designed for patios.
The system uses stainless steel cable guides and a specialized bottom bar to keep the shade in place.
Offered in manual, motorized and three different configurations.

The Cable Guide System can be installed with or without a cassette. When installed without a cassette, the roller tube and hardware are exposed.

This cassette option is designed to fully enclose the shade system.
As a complete enclosed box, the cassette is designed to blend seamlessly with any outdoor area.
It is offered in 3 standard powder coating colors.

The Fascia option provides concealment for mounting and roller shade hardware offering a clean look.
The fascia uses no exposed fasteners, requires no notching and snaps into place.

The open roll option is an economical option yet provides the same quality performance.
This option works well where a slim profile is required.

The Cable Guide System can be operated using a spring-assisted gear or motor.
Our commercial grade spring-assisted manual gear system provides a durable and easy-to-lift manual option for this system.
Available in two different sizes, this clutch system provides a cost-effective solution for any outdoor area.
A variety of motor options can be used for the Cable Guide System. There are 2 types of motor communication options: 4-Wire and Radio.

The guide wire used for the Cable Guide System is marine-grade stainless steel to ensure maximum durability.
The guide wires allow the shade fabric to stay in a somewhat fixed position to ensure maximum occupant comfort.

*Shade should be retracted in windy conditions. Roll-A-Shade® is not responsible for damage to the unit occurring from extreme weather conditions.*

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