Cord Control

Sheer shades feature a Continuous Cord System. The Continuous Cord System provides the ability to manipulate the shade into various viewing position using just one control. From the closed and retracted position (fabric inside the headrail), lower the fabric by pulling down on the loop cord until you reach the desired shading position. Once lowered completely to the window sill, continuing to pull the cord in the same direction will open the horizontal fabric vanes, offering spectacular views to the outside. Continuing to pull the cord in the same direction will lift the shade while still in the view-through mode. To retract the shading, simply pull down on the cord in the opposite direction until the shade reaches the desired fabric position.

Viewing Options

The Continuous Cord System provides a number of positioning options for controlling light and privacy. This allows for more precise control of visibility through the shades as the vanes are tilted to their maximum open position. The following five positions can be obtained when using standard shading operation when viewing the shading at eye level.

Closed Top, Open Bottom

By partially lowering the shade from the fully raised position, the upper portion of your window will become semi-opaque while allowing a clear view below.

Fully Private

When lowered completely, the shade provides maximum privacy and softly diffuses light.

Partially Open

By adjusting the continuous cord you can gradually increase the level of light and allow varying levels of “view-through.”

View-Through when Lowered

Completely opening the vanes in the down position provides a softened, veiled view to the outside.

View-Through when Raised

From the open or view-through position, continuing to pull down on the cord will raise the fabric allowing a clear view outside from below, and a veiled view above. This exclusive feature allows the shade to be raised up to 24” in this mode.