Creating a Template

What You Need: • Large Piece of Construction Paper • Tape Measure • Marker • Tape

  1. Start with a large piece of construction paper that exceeds the depth and length of the curve.
  2. Place the paper on the floor or ceiling depending on the orientation of the curve.
  3. Secure the paper with the tape.
  4. Clearly define the stacking side, motor placement, pocket depth and center line of track with the marker.
  5. Mark the radius of the curve
  6. Please provide as much detail as possible and all templates must include the following:
    • Indicate “room side
    • Note how the template was created
    • Template created on the floor facing up (See Figure 1)
    • Template created on the ceiling facing down (See Figure 2) (Preferred method)
    • Purchase order number
    • Customer name
    • Company name and account number
  7. Note the distance from the wall or the window to the
    center of the track. Be sure to clear all possible obstructions such as handles,
    sills etc.
  8. Identify the following measurement points:
    • Placement of motor
    • Exact stopping point of track on template
    • Total measurement of curve (See Figure 4-”C”)

Please call Automated Motorized Shades for specialty curving applications. Depending on your particular application, your project may require special attention.

Template Submission Instructions

Attach a copy of the purchase order to the template. Roll up template and place in a mailing tube. DO NOT FOLD TEMPLATE

Mail to:
Automated Motorized Shades
3117 NW 25th Avenue
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
Attn: Drapery Department

Note: When mailing, be sure to:

  • Get a tracking number
  • Include your return address
  • Include your purchase order number on the label

Acceptable materials for making templates:
Kraft Paper, Butcher Paper, Construction Paper

Automated Motorized Shades will not accept templates made from the following materials:
Newspaper, Plastic, Wax Paper, Fabric, Tissue Paper, Roofing Paper, Existing Arch Shades, Wrapping Paper or any templates that require assembly of any kind
Note: If the material used to make a template stretches, tears easily or will not lay flat it WILL NOT be used.