Curves & Bends

Tracks with bends are ideal for bay and corner windows. Track bends are available at a fixed radius of 13”. For more information on how to measure for a bend, please see bottom of page and next.

Custom curves are ideal for bow windows and other special applications. For additional information on how to measure for a curve, and how to make a template, please see bottom of page and next.

Bracket Mounting  Recommendations (Top View of Track)
Automated Motorized Shades recommends 1 bracket by each pulley and 1 bracket every 24”. Additionally, 1 bracket should be placed on each side of a splice if used.

Note: Splices are not available on One Way Draw Rods

Bent Drapery Track Measurement Form
The following dimensions are shown from the top view of the track and show various wall designs.
1. Choose the design that best fits your room setup. 2. Provide all of the proper wall measurements and degrees of all angles.
3. Provide the Return measurement “R” (distance from wall to front of draper track as shown) and submit to Automated Motorized

Note: When fabricating your drapery, please add 1 ½” to your return. A template is required and must be submitted for all bends.
Automated Motorized Shades will assume no responsibility for any track bends submitted for production without templates.